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Seth Wood, Ph.D. (Emory U); Lecturer | English Department | Oklahoma State University |


Seth Wood is Lecturer in the English Department at Oklahoma State University. He received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Emory University. His areas of interest include 19th-century American literature, literary theory, and pedagogy. He has written on the literary history and culture of the antebellum period, specifically of the literary magazine marketplace and Edgar Allan Poe’s little known Autography.

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CunningMan-pipeKyle Cunningham, B.A., English | Oklahoma State University


Kyle Cunningham is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Oklahoma State University and certification to teach secondary school. After graduation he hopes to teach high school literature. His primary interests include 19th- and 20th-century American literature and American Civil War History. He has volunteered at national and state parks in the Midwest and South, studying soldier and civilian life during the Civil War and participating in Living History demonstrations.

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Fall 2013

The students of ENGL 2773: Survey of American Literature I at Oklahoma State University:

Aaron Campbell, Adriuna Cole, Mia Colson, Kyle Cunningham, Megan Derby, Kaci Dove, Tory Dwyer, Cameron Elias, Amy Gilliland, Jessica Graham, Katherine Guest, Alyssa Hostler, Hannah Hunter, Mary Kirkpatrick, Ashley Land, Alexandra Marianos, Anna McDougal, Lauren Nelson, Patrick Norvelle, Jalyn Overton, Chance Rouse, Kathryn Sanderlin, Cassidy Smith, Rachel Smith, Whitney Swyden, Benjamin Titus, Michael Uhland, Katie Varner, David West, Taylor Woodall

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